If you want to take just that extra bit of care for your new car, you might want to think about GAP insurance.

For some, the re-sale value of a new or nearly new car is as equally important as its fuel economy. GAP insurance gives consideration to the depreciation of a newer model, and the impact this might have on the owner if they’re still paying for a vehicle that’s been stolen or written off.

Drivers can get more miles and years out of a newer car, but will more often than not need a loan to purchase it. A GAP insurance policy arranged by Caleb Roberts covers any remaining repayments and their interest, and balloon payments which would have come at the end of a finance agreement if you still owned the car.

This insurance may vary depending on the age and any agreements in place, but the team at Caleb Roberts would be glad to look into whether GAP insurance would be worthwhile as additional protection.


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