Each form of liability insurance can serve your business with a specific purpose, and the team at Caleb Roberts would be glad to serve with a policy that fits it well.

Liability insurance is a feature that underpins so many insurance policies. Products liability, employers’ liability and public liability insurance all have a vital part to play in minimising the chances of a claim destabilising your company finances.

If your organisation is likely to see the benefits of all three, then one policy arranged by our advisers at Caleb Roberts can cover them all, giving you the an easier time managing your policy and the potential for savings on your premium.

You’ll know which liabilities apply to you, but we have the knowledge of when to adjust upper limits and to how much. Our advisers also have the experience to quickly identify when a specialist insurance provider may be needed, such as for business clients who work in an industry that’s harder to place in the insurance market.

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