Motor Legal Protection

At Caleb Roberts Insurance Services, we can arrange additional protection for drivers to cover you in the event of legal proceedings. If you need to raise a claim against another driver following an accident that wasn’t your fault, or if another driver takes action against you, Motor Legal Protection can cover the legal costs.

With an indemnity limit of up to £100,000, you can be assured that you have the financial support in place to successfully make or defend a case. To ensure that you remain protected when you’re travelling outside of the UK, this policy features includes EU Territory Cover so you can go further without worry.

As well as providing legal expenses for Motor Prosecution Defence, this features also covers for adviser costs necessary to pursue or defend legal action. Not only does it protect you as a driver, but it also includes protection for any passengers involved in an accident.

We also offer drivers the option to take advantage of BDElite, which provides all the benefits of Motor Legal Protection along with 14-day replacement cover with the option to extend this at a discounted rate and multiple claims. This means you can make up to two claims throughout your policy up to a maximum aggregate total of 14 days.

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