Monthly: May 2020

Three reasons why you should download the Caleb Roberts Insurance App

Our brand new app has many exciting functions, all in one place. You can report a claim swiftly and easily, access our contact details or keep up with insurance news t

Caleb Roberts ‘App’

Caleb Roberts are excited to announce the launch of the Caleb Roberts App, available now on the Apple and Google store. The App contains certain features which will al

It’s Okay not to be Okay.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, with the theme being kindness. This was specifically chosen to reflect both the difficulties faced and reciprocating acts of

Claims Support

Following temporary closure of our office network and the relocation of our colleagues to be working from home our claims support continues. The company have dedicated

Support For Dairy Farmers Through COVID-19

Chartered Accounts, Whittingham Riddell share an insight into dairy farming and COVID-19: England’s dairy farmers will be able to access up to £10,000 each to help