Personal Lines


This came into effect on 1st April for all renewal letters issued after this date, as discussed, there are various requirements that we must meet when writing to clients about their renewal after this date.

• We must include a comparison that allows the client to compare the renewal offer with what the client paid last year
• We must encourage the clients to “shop around”
• For clients entering their fourth renewal cycle, we must include a mandatory statement stating the clients may get a better deal if they “shop around”.

A new letter has been put together to cater for this.


Please remember to use all of our deal facilities we have with our various insurers, if you need a further copy of the deal document, please let me know.

LV Household

As you are aware LV have withdrawn from the Broker market for Household business with effect from 1st April 2017.

I have been liaising with 3 insurers about a potential rollover deal, Aviva, RSA and Ageas. I have ignored the Aviva option because their household product is not Full Cycle EDI.

Both Ageas and RSA have agreed to a rollover deal to allow us to match the LV expiring premium. I am just waiting for confirmation of renewal capping to make sure that neither insurer will increase the premium significantly at forthcoming renewals. Ageas will do this on a year by year basis, but RSA is yet to respond.

As soon as I hear anything concrete from RSA I will let you know. However, I would appreciate your feedback on which insurer to use, as I would rather use one insurer only for this particular rollover deal.

Ben Blower