Monthly: April 2020

Fly Tipping Increase Due To Coronavirus

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, there has been an increase in fly tipping due to the closure of waste and recycling plants across the country.  This, combined with more

RSA Insurance Update

As we enter week five of national lockdown, we continue to adapt to the changes the Coronavirus pandemic is making to all our daily lives. This is without doubt a very

Safety Warning Over NHS Sky Lanterns

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has deservedly described the NHS as the ‘beating heart’ of the country and we have certainly been showing our support for th

Support for Business and Workers

Coronavirus is posing a challenging time for many businesses, households and people across the country, however the Government has taken action to help protect us all.

Cyber Attacks

There has been a spike in malicious Cyber-attacks, with phishing and scam emails, reported to be the worst in years, taking advantage of COVID-19 to exploit increased

Advice to walkers during COVID-19

One positive to take out of isolating in rural communities is the abundance of countryside we can enjoy for our daily exercise.  It is joyful to see the spring lambs

Key Workers Travel Document

During the current pandemic, it has highlighted how powerful local communities remain and together we are all fighting this virus.  Farmers are getting the recogn