Group Personal Accident

Our current volume of group personal accident (GPA) policies throughout the company is very low when considering the types and size of businesses currently on our books.  In previous years, policies such as GPA, or D&O cover has been viewed as an ‘add-on’ or ‘cross selling’, but are we doing our clients a disservice if we do not highlight the implications and benefits of such policies?

GPA can cover all employees and sub-contractors for injury sustained during work and can extend to include sickness cover, events outside of work time and travel.  The benefits are flexible, either covering a fixed amount or a percentage of salary and have capital benefits too.  Disclosing the policy to liability underwriters can have a positive effect because the policy is effectively lowering the Employers Liability exposure by providing financial assistance to employees if off work due to an accident.

Aviva currently provides quotes through fast trade at incredibly competitive premiums and commission flexibility, so next time a construction or manufacturing renewal comes through, think GPA!