Personal Lines

Thank you for your time on my recent visits, I have provided below the notes that I made during it.

  • The Renewal Due Letter has now been amended following feedback received in the Personal Lines Meetings – Any suggestions for improvements are always welcome
  • I have attached the Cross Selling Log and Recording Sheets to the S Drive under Company Documents and then Personal Lines Cross Selling
  • Included in the above folder is also a report detailing all EDI Transactions for the period April 16 to April 17.  This can be used to check that all renewals have been issued and to identify where we have cross selling opportunities.
  • As discussed, cross selling is a really good way of increasing our sales especially considering the commission we earn on Household, so cross selling household to clients with just car insurance could be an easy way of increasing revenue.
  • Ageas – We now have a new contact at Ageas, Johnny Armstrong.  I do not have any contact details as yet as he has not been in contact.  As soon as I get some details I will let you know.
  • Broker Direct Breakdown – The commission has now been updated to reflect the change in IPT.  You should have also received the new flyers with the updated price at £65.00. Please note that the commission amount to get to £65.00 is £13.12, please use this until the 1st July to make the premium correct, I will then change the admin page on the 1st to make the premium correct.  I note that the paper used for the flyers is still of poor quality, I am liaising with Broker Direct on this.