WARNING – New Phone Scam

This is a community message from Powys Trading Standards.

Residents are warned about a new phone scam currently defrauding US consumers set to hit the UK.
Namely ‘Can you hear me?’

Innocent people are being tricked into essentially signing verbal contracts. If someone calls and asks, “Can you hear me?”, hang up the phone immediately. A major phone scam from the US is set to hit the UK imminently.

But police and call-blocking companies are warning the public about the dangerous phone call in the hope of preventing innocent people falling victim to the scammers.

Here’s how it works:
• You receive a phone call from a local number
• The voice on the end introduces themselves and the company they supposedly work for
• They then ask: “Can you hear me?”
• Your answer is recorded, and if you say “yes”, your response will be edited to make it appear as if you’ve agreed to a huge purchase.

You’re effectively being tricked into signing a verbal contract, much the same as clicking ‘I agree’ to terms and conditions online.

Voice signatures like these are legitimately used by companies doing business over the phone, but this is being exploited by scammers who has conned many already.

If you need any advice then please contact our Advice line on 0845 040506.