Advice to walkers during COVID-19

One positive to take out of isolating in rural communities is the abundance of countryside we can enjoy for our daily exercise.  It is joyful to see the spring lambs skipping around the fields and appreciate what we have on our doorstep.

In the glorious sunshine it looks even more tempting to get outdoors, however we must remember to stick to the Government guidelines on outdoor activity.  At the time of writing, this means only going out for exercise once a day without travelling away from your home.

With many farmers having footpaths across their land, it is important to be respectful to landowners and to be in control of dogs that we may be walking with livestock in the fields.

Farmers are key workers, so please remember to:

• Keep to the footpaths and keep your distance from landowners. Many footpaths and bridleways cross private land, working farms and are close to the Landowners own homes.

• Wash your hands before and after your walk and before eating.

• If you know that a path in your area is likely to be busy, think about whether you could use a different route, or go out at a different time of day when it may be quieter.

• Remember that lambing and other livestock management are still going on and birds are nesting, so dogs must be kept under control and gates left as you find them.

• Keep to the 2 metre rule

Here is another useful link to the Ramblers website which gives important advice on enjoying the countryside during coronavirus:

Please be considerate to others and only go outside once a day, this is not just for yourself but others too, stay safe.