Airbnb Caution for Tenants and Property Owners

The online property rental service of Airbnb and others has become popular in recent months for people seeking alternative ways of finding accommodation for holidays and city breaks, and recently, longer term lets.  Its premise is simple; if you have a spare room and fancy making some money by letting it out, then you sign up to the website with a picture and away you go.

But if you are a home/property owner considering offering your home to rent via Airbnb or similar, you must check that you are correctly insured.  Your standard household insurance will not provide cover for paying guests, and will likely void parts of the insurance contract (e.g. malicious damage) should the property be used as such.  Furthermore, as a tenant you should not consider entering into any sub-letting without your landlord’s permission, of course.

If you are a landlord and unknown to you your tenant sub-lets, even just one room, the risks are enormous. The Airbnb terms can end up breaching those of your insurance conditions – and probably, of your mortgage, if that applies.

As a dedicated broker, if you have any concerns in offering you property for rent via any of the above schemes, we will be more than happy to advise to give you peace of mind. We can also actively look for more suitable cover where necessary.