BEWARE: Shipping Container Scam

With a nationwide shortage of shipping containers, scammers are targeting hardworking, honest people.

Many farms and businesses use these for storage and extra working space and with current Covid restrictions the availability of these containers is limited.

Scammers are creating false websites based on real businesses, to trick people into buying through them and then not delivering the goods.

They convincingly encourage you to pay by bank transfer rather than credit card or PayPal in order to get the goods to you quicker, however when a payment is made by this means, there is very little protection for the purchaser, especially from the banks.

The credibility of these scammers is extremely deceptive, they even go as far as using the Company Registered Number of the real company so it is only when cross checking the VAT numbers that something amiss could be highlighted, testing even the most vigilant.

Always make sure that ANY payments, especially to those that you have not made before, are thoroughly checked and by a means which offers protection and a comeback should you need it.