Bryn Belted Galloway Beef on Countryfile!

What a pleasure to see recognition for John & Patricia Price last night on Countryfile.

The segment covered ‘Great British Beef Week’, and Bryn Belted Galloway Beef were used as an example of how successful 100% grass fed beef can be.  John informed us ‘If it is called grass fed then by law they only have to be out on grass for 51% or more of their life and can also be fed concentrates. But we are accredited as 100% pasture fed so that is no concentrate at all to cow or calf’, which shows just how dedicated they are.

John & Patricia, who farm at over 1200 ft in the Brecon Beacons, are valued clients of Caleb Roberts.  They have developed a niche for their 100% pasture fed Belted Galaway Cattle, with orders received from all over the UK.

For those who missed the show, it can be viewed here and you can see the segment from 34 minutes in.

You can find them on Facebook for more information on, or place an order by emailing or calling 01874 638385