We welcome… Tern Valley Insurance!

Caleb Roberts are pleased to announce the expansion of the Company in Whitchurch, Shropshire, in a move geared toward driving our business forward.

Caleb Roberts previously held six offices across Wales and the border counties and were looking to broaden our Marches scope northwards by adding a seventh office.  Family-run business Tern Valley Insurance Services had a range of valued clients who enjoyed a similar service and relationship to our Caleb Roberts clients, making them the perfect fit.

At Caleb Roberts, we pride ourselves on being a family run, independent Insurance Broker with service and client retention at the centre of operations, a passion that is strongly mirrored by Nick and Rosaline Williams at Tern Valley.  Our business models both reflected the strategy of being hands-on and visiting commercial clients at renewal and claims stages, making the transition over an easy one.

For all existing Tern Valley clients, service will remain the same.  Nick, Rosaline and the Tern Valley team will be on hand to help with future policy or company queries.

We’re excited to welcome Tern Valley into the fold, and look forward to developing both businesses in the future.