Claims Advice Following Storm Dennis

Storm Dennis rampaged over the weekend, causing widespread damage across the country. Our key areas of Shropshire, Herefordshire and South Wales suffered the brunt of the wind and rain and our thoughts are with those affected.

Record highs were recorded for the River Teme & Wye, which lead to flooding in properties that had previously avoided such fate during the bad weather experienced since September.

Our Team has been working tirelessly with clients and insurers to try and support the high call volumes in respect of flood damage. For those who require information on our claims process, it can be found here:

Government guidance can be found here on what to do in a flood:

Aviva have offered this advice:

Immediate actions following a flood
• Contact your insurance company and/or insurance broker and advise what has happened. They will then be able to provide best guidance and instigate any specialist services required. Make sure your insurance company knows where to contact you if you have had to move out.

• If you are making an insurance claim, avoid disposing of any items until you are told to do so.

• Don’t use electrical or gas supply in flooded properties until appropriate checks have been undertaken by a qualified person.

• Take photos of the damage to any contents and/or building as this may assist with settlement of your claim.

• Covers on air bricks should be removed once the flood has receded to allow air to circulate and any trapped water to escape.

• Flood protection devices to be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid potential contamination.

The most important thing is to stay safe, but rest assured we are here to help. As always, if you are unsure of what to do or have any questions, please contact your local office to find out more.