Dash Cams – What You Need To Know

Dash cams are on the rise, with a wide range of types & prices available.  Affordable cams on the low end of the market have made the technology accessible for all and is demonstrated by the growth in numbers on our roads.  With the chance of more dash cams entering the motor market, what do you need to know?

The Setup

Did you know that if your dash cam is deemed to obstruct your view in a forward or rear direction then you could face prosecution from the police?  Ignoring the legalities, obstructing your view is dangerous and the reason we would recommend using a professional installer to ensure the cam is fitted correctly and wires are hidden from view.

Can the footage be used by the police?

For many police forces, dash cam footage is now accepted as a form of evidence, providing it conforms to their terms of use regarding the incident.

What you need to remember is that footage can be used against you, as well as for your benefit.  It will review your driving behaviour and may capture footage of external altercations, which would again act as evidence.  That said, being able to defend yourself through a dash cam during a non fault motor incident is a strong plus for what is a relatively low investment.

What does the future hold?

With the development of driverless cars, many include integrated camera/radar systems as standard features and will alleviate the need to add your own dash cam.  In the meantime, dash cams are definitely worth considering to boost your safety and legal defence.