Does driving through flood water void your insurance?

After some of the worst regional flooding for years, we explore whether damage to your vehicle as a result of driving into flood water can affect you ability to claim under your insurance policy.

The British weather is notoriously unpredictable and often catches us by surprise. A question we often get asked is does driving through flood water void your insurance?

In the majority of cases you will be covered for flood damage under comprehensive insurance, with an accidental damage excess still applying.

That said, it’s important to prevent the damage and Aviva have provided some useful tips for driving in wet weather:

‘In wet weather remember to increase the gap between you and the car in front to around 4 seconds so you don’t run out of road if you break suddenly. When driving through big puddles or flooded areas, stay in first gear with the engine speed high and drive very slowly. Don’t drive through floodwater if a vehicle is coming the other way. Driving through puddles or on flooded roads can stop your brakes working properly. Test your break immediately after driving through water by driving slowly over a flat surface and pressing the pedal gently’

All of our offices at Caleb Roberts Insurance have a dedicated personal lines team, so please do contact us for more information if you have any concerns around driving during wet weather.