DVSA enforce changes to Tyres

From 1st February 2021, tyres that are more than 10 years old are no longer permitted for use on the front steering axles of HGVs, buses, coaches or all single wheels fitted to minibuses (9 – 16 passengers). If vehicles are found to have tyres that are older than 10 years old at a DVSA enforcement check, tyres will be considered dangerous and attract an ‘S’ marked immediate prohibition notice.

The manufacturer’s date code must be legible on tyres for HGVs and trailers of more than 3,500 kg otherwise they will fail the annual test. If found at a DVSA enforcement check then this would delay prohibition.

If tyres exceed the age limit a vehicle will fail its annual test and receive a prohibition notice if inspected at a DVSA enforcement check. If the date code is not legible for an enforcement check an inspection notice would be issued again and the DVSA would expect the tyre to be replaced.

Ivor Williams, Commercial Account Executive in our Brecon Office explained ‘It is very unlikely that many people will have tyres over 10 years on their wagons, but maybe some items with very limited use might fall foul of this regulation amendment’.
For further clarity please visit Government guidelines on the following website:

Ban on tyres over 10 years old for heavy vehicles and some minibuses – Moving On (blog.gov.uk)