Employers Reference Number (ERN) Reminder

Since April 2012, ERN numbers have been mandatory for insurer to record on all renewals which have Employers Liability covered.  Whilst the majority of clients are now aware and competent in the practice, below is a reminder of what is required.

Where can I locate the ERN number?

You can find your ERN number on a P45/P60/P11D and most payslips.  It’s in the format 123/ABC123X (not to be confused with the tax reference or HMRC Accounts Office Reference) and contains up to 10 digits.  It will be a series of three numbers followed by a mixture of numbers and letters.

Why do we need the ERN number?

Your ERN number will go onto the Employers’ Liability Database to form your employment history, and will be used in the event of a claim.

Update your ERN number now!  If you haven’t already informed us, please get in contact to ensure your records are up to date.