Farming Update July 2016

Open Farm Sunday

Open Farm Sunday saw 400 farms open to the public, with a record 250,000 visitors taking advantage of the opportunity. The success and publicity was accredited to the active circulation on social media.

Brexit Implications

There are concerns within the farming sector, following the vote to leave the EU.
CAP subsidy is at the forefront of anxiety, with a need to replace the scheme in a more tailored manner to the UK. Whilst a similar proposition could be made, there is a worry that the public will balk at the present £3bn cost and may demand cuts.
On the flip side, there is an opportunity for some less beneficial EU rules to be scrapped, and European trade agreements can be renegotiated.

A further topic is the fact foreign workers currently account for over half of farm labour, and 80% of seasonal labour, raising concerns over the movement of labour for workers and businesses alike. Discussions on the issue have already started between farming leaders and the Government agency, The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.

Glyphosphate use extended

The use of glyphosphate weed killer has been extended at the last minute by the EU, next being reviewed in December 2017.