Is your farm income protected from a future disaster?

Revenue Insurance covers you when you least expect it

Has your agricultural insurance broker/advisor ever spoken to you about the benefits of revenue insurance? If not, you should probably ask them why.

Whilst often described as the modern way of arranging farm insurance, revenue insurance been around for many years and, for many farmers, offers a more comprehensive way of insuring your livelihood. It can help simplify your insurance by removing the need to specifically insure “inputs”, or in other words, the items you use to feed or bed down livestock or apply to your crops and grass – such as hay, straw, fertiliser, sprays, corn & feed and even tractor diesel. With their ever-increasing costs of these items, in particular of late fertiliser and fuel, this in itself can save money.

The main benefit of revenue cover is in the event of a claim it will typically pay based on your expected sale price rather than the value of the item at the time it was lost/damaged – that may be the price of corn the following Spring rather than at the time of the combine fire in August. It may be the value of a pedigree bull as a mature animal rather than as a few week old calf after an accident on the farm – in other words it could mean thousands more in your settlement payment.

Revenue insurance will also cover other expenses needed to ensure your business faces minimal interruption following a loss, maybe paying a contractor to finish the harvest after a combine fire, transporting corn to a grain merchant for storage after damage to your grain store or a temporary milking parlour after damage to the regular parlour.

Should an unexpected event affect you and you’re forced make changes on the farm, revenue insurance can protect you against the financial costs in the meantime. This could be the driving factor to get you and your farm back on its feet.

There are many examples where having revenue insurance has meant much larger pay-outs have been achieved following a claim, and if arranged correctly can save you money on your premium too. Speak to us for more information and to see if you can benefit.

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