Is your Vehicle Tracker Subscription up to date? Act now…

Make sure your vehicle tracking subscriptions is still valid – or your insurance maybe invalid for a theft.

Due to increased thefts of high value vehicles such a Land Rovers and Range Rovers, insurance companies have been insisting subscriptions are kept up to date for the duration of ownership. Or where it has been specifically stated in your insurance policy. 

A subscription that’s overdue could affect the terms of your motor insurance policy. Unfortunately, insurers will decline claims for stolen vehicles because policyholders had let their tracker subscriptions expire and therefore were in breach of their policy terms.

If your policy schedule includes a vehicle tracker requirement endorsement, then you’ll be required to keep all relevant subscriptions paid up to date and for the tracker to be operational at the time of loss. 

Check to make sure your tracker renewal email hasn’t got stuck in your junk folder or its been left in the ‘do later’ box! 

Some information about vehicle tracker systems

Vehicle tracker systems offer a layer of physical protection that can help owners protect one of their largest assets. Many insurers require trackers to be installed and active on high-value vehicles, especially those which are kept in areas where vehicle thefts are common.

Most vehicle tracker systems will require an annual subscription. This fee covers the cost of providing a 24/7/365 monitoring service, which would alert you if the vehicle was stolen. Without this monitoring provision, a vehicle may be stolen, and you may not be aware until you notice the vehicle is no longer where you left it. By this time, it could be too late to successfully track the vehicle.