Key Workers Travel Document

During the current pandemic, it has highlighted how powerful local communities remain and together we are all fighting this virus.  Farmers are getting the recognition that they deserve, in addition to NHS staff and other key workers, who are working to help get food on our table and to care for patients around the clock to battle the Coronavirus.

The Police are stopping more and more road users during to check their reason for travel and that the journey is essential to key worker’s jobs.  With many of our clientele being farmers who are defined as key workers, we thought that it is vital that they have access to an ‘Essential Travel Document’.

Below is a template from the Agriculture & Horticultural Development Board and will help you create this document which is required by the Police.

The House of Commons produced a Bill on the 9 March 2020 which defines the ‘Meaning of Food Supply Chain’ and lists the requirements that need to be for a key worker. For more information please see a link to the Website and we encourage key workers to use the below template for the ‘Essential Travel Document’.

Click here to access the ‘Essential Travel Document’