The Motor Insurance Database – What You Need To Know

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is a central database for all insured vehicles in the UK.  This means if your vehicle is not on the MID, you are not being recognised as an insured vehicle.  Whilst it’s evident that some drivers knowingly breach MID regulations, we do see a large number of inadvertently non-insured vehicles.

‘Each year, thousands of people are injured or killed by uninsured drivers and without the correct insurance their compensation comes from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. This bill is paid for through the insurance premiums of all law abiding motorists.

Evidence suggests that uninsured vehicles are consistently used to conduct wider criminal activity, and are more likely to be involved in a collision, so by targeting uninsured drivers we can help deter criminal activity and remove their means of transport and make our roads safer.’


What are the implications if I breach MID rules?

The MID is managed by the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) for use by the Police and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).  It’s primary use it to enforce motor insurance laws, thus trying to ensure all vehicles used on the road are insured vehicles.  If you breach MID rules you could be fined £300, have your vehicle seized, face a court prosecution and have 6 penalty points added to your license.

How do I avoid breaching the MID?

Notify us immediately if you have an additional or different vehicle.  As a Broker, we too have an obligation to notify the MID of vehicle changes within a set time frame, so if you haven’t told us of the change then we can’t notify the MID.  Don’t forget the police now have the technology to automatically read number plates, so the chances of them picking up on an uninsured vehicle is much higher, and can lead to one or more of the implications above.

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