The role of a modern day Insurance Broker

The way in which we deal with finance, insurance and utilities has changed dramatically over recent years.  The internet boom has affected our communication process, and it would be fair to say face to face meetings are less prominent in our daily lives.  From an insurance perspective, the rise of ‘comparison’ websites has been welcomed by the general public as a platform to compare different insurers and different products.  The downside of this approach is that whilst you may be able to call the company to discuss the quotations in more detail, you won’t be able to meet someone in person to discuss the fine points.  The result; a potential misinterpretation on your behalf or a lack of explanation from the insurer’s side of things.

So what if you could combine the two?

Caleb Roberts Insurance are Independent Brokers, meaning we have access to a number of markets in a variety of sectors, much like the ‘comparison’ websites you may use, but we also have six offices across Wales & the Border Counties to visit if you need to.  The benefit of this being you can explain your individual circumstance and requirement to one of our advisors, and we can survey the market on your behalf.  It’s a common misconception that our higher service level will generate a higher premium, but we regularly see customers moving back to us from other platforms to save money, so why not check what we can do for you.

One of our biggest selling points for our clients is our broad market spectrum, so we can hold a variety of policies under one client, creating a portfolio for them.  The result is one point of contact for all your business and a greater understanding of your needs as the working relationship develops.

Let us shop around for you, and leave you the time to spend elsewhere.