Safety Warning Over NHS Sky Lanterns

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has deservedly described the NHS as the ‘beating heart’ of the country and we have certainly been showing our support for this fantastic service.  From Captain Tom’s walking to rainbow pictures in windows, we are all trying our best to say ‘Thank You’.

One such idea has been a mass release of sky lanterns to coincide with clapping for support at 8pm every Thursday.  However, there is concern surrounding the safety of this activity.  Sky lanterns cause danger to animals and property if they land whilst still burning.  The recent spell of dry weather only increases the risk of fire resulting from sky lanterns, posing an even greater harm to commercial property and grassland.

In 2018 Wales banned the use of sky lanterns on council land as the Welsh Government believed them already to be dangerous.

We urge people to continue to support our NHS but be considerate of the consequences of releasing sky lanterns.  For more advice, visit: