Speed awareness courses – should you tell your insurer?

‘Have you had any motoring convictions?’

It’s a standard question in motor insurance, and more often than not we receive the response,

‘I went on one of those speed awareness courses, so the insurer doesn’t need to know about it’.

But is that actually correct?

If your insurer asks if you have been convicted of a motoring offence, then your answer may well be accurate – you weren’t convicted of an offence having opted out in favour of the course. However, if the insurer asks whether or not you have committed a motoring offence, then you must say yes.

This can lead to some confusion for our clients – conviction or speed awareness course, the Road Traffic Act was breached?

As you’d possibly expect, insurers apply different rules – so beware. The majority of motor insurers used by Caleb Roberts do not penalise you for attending the course, yet we often hear of policies sourced direct to insurers imposing financial penalties for attending.

If you’re still unsure, our experienced personal lines staff can advise you further on this matter.