Temporarily Unoccupied Properties Insured By NIG

Below is an update on unoccupied properties from one of our largest commercial underwriters NIG.

• The property is mandated to close according to the latest COVID lockdown rules
• The premises are inspected internally at least once every 7 days, by or on behalf of the Insured
• All trade refuse and waste materials are removed from the interior of the premises, with no accumulation of refuse or waste being allowed in the adjoining yards or spaces owned by the Insured
• The premises are secure at all times, by putting all fastenings and protections, including locking devices and any alarm protection, into full and effective operation
• The gas, water and electricity supplies, are turned off at the mains (except electricity needed to maintain any fire or intruder alarm systems, or water and heating systems for sprinklered premises)

As ever, we appreciate the efforts that businesses continue to make in order to maintain trading as well as abide by Government restrictions. Therefore, if there are alterations required to reflect a change in trading behaviour, or if sections of cover are no longer required please let your local Caleb Roberts Office know. We can then process this adjustment with NIG.

Stay safe and look after those around you.