Time To Reflect – Fire Risk In Trailers

We’re currently experiencing one of the most prolonged hot periods on record.  The sun is beaming and, whilst many are enjoying time spent outdoors, it also brings a variety of risk to businesses.

One of the more unusual causes of fire has been reflection off the side of a trailer onto combustible materials.  The fire brigade have had to deal with a number of similar incidents whereby plastics/pallets/straw have been left on a trailer and the reflected sunlight has been enough to start a fire.

As you can imagine, the time it takes for this ignition to turn into a total loss of the trailer & goods is particularly fast in the hot weather.

The advice therefore, is to remove any combustible materials from trailers when not in use, and think about the potential for other machinery to reflect light into high risk areas (i.e. straw stacks).  Taking precautionary measures is vital in protecting your assets.