We are trying to reduce our carbon emissions, can you help us?

Caleb Roberts Insurance Services last year generated over 1.48 million pieces of paper for our customers, which in todays environment appears excessive. We want to change this and rather than printing and posting documents, we want to do more of our communications via email. This often helps to speed up transactions too. Although we do recognise email is not always the best format and we will continue to work with each of our clients preferences.

We’ve also stepped up our roll-out of new technologies to reduce paper in the offices, which we will start seeing the benefits from. This approach was already underway, but coincidentally has been helped by the pandemic forcing everyone to work in new ways.

We aren’t stopping there. We have a number of electric and hybrid vehicles in our fleet and will continue to increase this where possible. Plus, more customers are becoming comfortable with video calls as part of our renewal process so we are happy to offer this form of communication if suitable.

If you would prefer to receive you insurance documentations by email going forward please email:

anna.rogers@ caleb-roberts.co.uk