News From The Farming Market – July 2018

An all-party committee of MPs has been convened to look at the future of British dairy exports. The committee will consider the present situation, calling for informat

Time To Reflect – Fire Risk In Trailers

We’re currently experiencing one of the most prolonged hot periods on record.  The sun is beaming and, whilst many are enjoying time spent outdoors, it also bri

Lucy Wilding joins our Sales Team

We are excited to announce Lucy Wilding as the latest Commercial Account Executive to join our established Sales Team in Knighton.  Lucy brings over 10 years of agric

Farming Update June 2018

Global wheat production is forecast at 748m tonnes for the current year, down 11m tonnes on last year’s record crop. Consumption is forecast to exceed production for

Password Security – How Safe Are Your Online Accounts?

At the beginning of the technological revolution passwords were somewhat a novelty, with ‘password’ or ‘pass’ making up the majority of access

Super Salers!

Caleb Roberts were once again proud to support the Saler Cattle Society in sponsoring the Show & Sale at Welshpool market on the 17th May. As always we were entert

News From the Farming Market May 2018

The Government has requested exemption from the EU three crop rule for the UK for 2018. The rule dictates that three different crops be grown each year to meet diversi